Thursday, April 11, 2013

Autism Awareness #8 - My Favorite Shirt

Do you have a favorite shirt or jeans?  The one that fits you like a glove.  I love that feeling.  Putting my favorite shirt on in the morning gives me a little extra boost.  I'm stylin'!  On the flip side is that wool sweater in my closet that just itches like crazy.  I could wear 3 shirts underneath it and it would still itch!  Every time I wear it I spend half the day wondering why I put the darn thing on.

Many people on the autism spectrum talk of extreme sensitivities when it comes to clothing.  I can't imagine the struggle to have most of my clothes feel like that annoying wool sweater.  How could you sit in school and pay attention?  How could you be productive at work?  There are improvements to things like shirt tags.  I hate those darn things too.  Luckily, some companies print the tag right onto the clothing now.  Why didn't they think of that a long time ago?

On a related note, there are lots of discussions in the autism community about tactile sensitivities and how people struggle with transitions between environments such as changing out of your PJs and into school clothes.  In some small way I can relate because I HATE climbing out of my warm bed in the winter to a cold house.  Levity aside, to deal with an issue like this must be so difficult.

Luckily, my son doesn't seem to have an issue with clothing.  That's just one short straw he didn't pull I guess.  Sound, however, is an entirely different matter and interestingly, turning lights on in the morning is another painful one.  I was woken many a morning by my bedroom lights getting flicked on and the covers pulled off me.  I guess I'll just fish around for that favorite shirt in the dark.

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